Smiling Saints

The Smiling Saints Sunday Bible Class offers a great opportunity

to study the Word, fellowship with others, and be involved in

outreach and service activities. We meet each Sunday at 10:05-10:50

between services in the East end of the Fellowship Hall. We

typically follow the International Sunday School Uniform Lesson

Studies from Standard Lesson Commentary, that goes through

the entire Bible every 7 years.  We study the NIV translation.

We invite you to join us next Sunday!

        Bill Jamison, Leader



                                             Spring Quarter NIV

                                         Discipleship and Missiom

                                        Unit 1: Call to Discipleship

March  3rd     Called to Serve                                  Luke 14: 7-14

March 10th   Called to Sacrifice                             Mark 1: 16-20, Luke 14: 25-33

March 17th    Called to Return                               Luke 15: 11-24

March 24th    Called to Repent                                Luke 19: 1-10

                                     Unit 2: Call to Ministry

March 31th   Called to Follow                                   Matt   4: 12-22

April     7th    Called to Mission                                 Matt 10: 1-15

April    14th  Called to Remember                            Matt 26: 1-13

April    21st  Called to Believe the Resurrection     Matt 28: 1-15

April    28th  Called to Make Disciples                      Matt 28: 16-20, Acts 1: 6-8

                                        Unit 3 Call to Life in Christ


May  5th      Called to Righteousness                       Romans 3: 21-31

May  12th    Called to Life in the Spirit                     Romans  8: 1-14

May  19th    Called to Mutual Acceptance                Romans 11: 11-24

May  26th    Called to Be Transformed                      Romans 12: 1-8

                                               Summer Quarter NIV

                                                  Covenant in God

                                         Unit 1: A Fulfilled Covenant

June   2nd   Jesus Institutes the New Covenant        Mark 14: 17-25, Heb  8: 6,7, 10-12

June   9th   Jesus Seals the New Covenant                Mark 15: 6-15, 25,26, 33-39

June  16th  The New Covenant's Sacrifice                 Hebrews 9: 11-22

June  23rd  Hearts United in Love                               Colossia ns 2: 1-15

                                            Unit 2: A Heartfelt Covenant

June 30th   Right Attitudes                                          Matt 5: 1-12

July   7th   15-25Fulfilling the Law                             Matt 5: 13-20

July  14th  Love One Another                                      Matt 5: 21-32

July  21st  Transforming Love                                     Matt 5: 38-48

July  28th  Spiritual Discernment                                Matt 7: 1-6,

                                             Unit 3: Covenant: A Personal Perspective

Aug  4th   A Covenant Between Friends                     1 Samuel 18: 1-5,; 19: 1-7

Aug 11th  A Mother-Daughter Covenant                   Ruth 1: 6-11, 14-18

Aug 18th  A Covenant to Marry                                  Ruth 3: 1-6, 8-12, 16-18

Aug  25th  A Covenant of Mutual Love                       Ephesians 5: 21-22


Acts 2: 17 In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons

and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

Let's Join With Christ Together Sunday Morning!


Bill J