Hi! Thanks for checking out our website! We would love to have you come to our physical site as well. When you do, you will find a family of people who are followers of Jesus Christ. Not a group of perfect people. But a group of people who are pursuing a faith filled life focused on Jesus Christ. Our Sunday worship services are designed to be a time when we can express our love for God, be inspired by God's love for us, and be empowered by God's Word to us. I look forward to meeting you here at CCC!

-Lead Pastor, Gary Black

Haiti Mission Trip

Much of life is all about perspective.  You could easily go to Haiti and leave the experience focused on pigs rooting through mountains of trash, hours long traffic jams in Port-Au-Prince getting side swiped by a car, leaking houses made of scrap meal, tarps, and spare wood, or orphans with dirty clothes and faces who don’t know when they will eat again or get a hug.  Or, you can choose God’s perspective where you see Haiti as the universal language of a child’s smile, worship singing to our God from the depths of their soul, two farmers working together to roll up tarps, or the pride of a merchant on the beach showing you their shop on a blanket.  I have no question that Jesus is indeed alive.

The fact is there is so much need all around our world and in our communities.  Seeing each of our own worlds through God’s lens tells us not to help someone else because we think they deserve it or are making all the right choices.  We help because He told us to for his kingdom and you might just find Jesus there dwelling in the place you least expect.  Haiti demonstrates the strength of the human spirit and the power of God when we don’t hold back being his hands and feet.  The beauty of the Gospel is that each of us can be his hands and feet to another person and we just might discover that the person we set out to help instead was God’s way of helping us.

~Kristin Effner

  • 40 Days of Prayer - Week 6

    Join us Sunday as Gary teaches about How to Pray For Healing and Restoration.  Small groups continue to meet.  If you would like to join a  group, it is not too late.  Call 317-539-4512 or contact  Shelley at shelley@claytonchristian.org and we will help you find one.

  • PAlm Sunday - Easter Egg Hunt

    On Sunday, March 25th at 10:00am, during our Sunday School hour, we will have an Easter Egg hunt for all children up to 5th grade.  All are welcome!

  • Good Friday Family Service

    Join us on Friday, March 30th at 6:30pm as we:  

    Remember the death of Christ…

    Reflect on the significance of the Cross…

    Repent of our sins…

    Rejoice in our Savior.

  • Easter Morning Services

    Easter morning, April1st, we will have our regular Sunday morning services at 8:45am & 11:00am.  There will be an Easter breakfast at 10:00am.  All are welcome to join us as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  • Life Groups & Sunday School

    Life Groups & Sunday School classes at Clayton are designed to provide a network of support, encouragement, and care. These groups can help you get to know others here at Clayton, provide opportunities for you to invest in the lives of those people, and offer you support and encouragement as you pursue spiritual and interpersonal goals. Click on the Connect, Grow, Serve Icon to learn more.

  • Building Dreams Building Lives

    Click on the image to learn more about our Building Dreams/Building Lives Campaign.  You can watch a video or read about our God-sized vision for Clayton Christian Church.

  • First Service Power-Up

    Starting in April we will have Power up on the third and forth Sundays during first service.  For March  we will meet on the 18th.  All kids in grades 1-5 are welcome to join us in the Fellowship Hall for a child centered time of worship at 8:45am.